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Frequently asked question(FAQ):

+ How to determine hard drives crash and require our data recovery services?

- Unplug the hard drives, replace cable/power cord and connect to other computers. If it still doesn't work, please sned to professional data recovery company to forensic.

+ What is the factors to determine the price?And other service charges(such as inspection fee)?

- Normally, based on two common factors:storage capacity and symptomsof the hard drives. We have not any hidden charges(such as inpsection fee).

+ My hard drives failed, how can I send to you for fix it?

- 1)Visit us in person. 2)Mail your device by courier(Free of charge). 3)Drop off to ourcolleague in ANY MTR stations.

+ My Hard Drive is Clicking/beeping noise, what can I do?

- To avoid scratching the platters, stop running of it and send us for rescue.

+ How long of the restoration time?

- Forensic and quote, within one day, and thereovery time is usually between 2 to 7 working days. Some critical cases may take longer.

+ What is No Recovery No Charges stand for?

- Once the recovery completed, we provide different ways for data checking, such as file list, remote access control or self pick up. Finally, if the clients get the data back, we will charge you the fee, if don't, you don't need to pay any charges.

+ How can I get my data back?We need to provide an extra recovery media?

- It sounds good!!Never use the hard drives that has the problem before,we suggest you transfer to backup drives, or purchase one from us. If the data less than 12GB, we provide FREE DVD burning service.

+ Drives opened by other recovery companies but fail,can you help me?

- We refuse to handle second attempt cases.

+ Are you sure my data is safe?

- Signing NDA is a fairly common way that we secure your data.


Case Study:

+ Case#3250 - System warning message "D:\ unable to access"

+ Case#3249 - Data lose after re-install Windows system

+ Case#3246 - NAS unable to access

+ Case#3245 - Laptop submerge of water

+ Case#3243 - External hard drives deleted files after formatting

+ Case#3241 - Hard drives dropped to the floor

+ Case#3240 - Photographer forgot to backup customer photo

+ Case#3239 - Hard drives convert to RAW format

+ Case#3236 - Hard drives not getting power

+ Case#3235 - Hard drives are clicking with sounds

+ Case#3234 - Buffalo login password dialog box missing

+ Case#3233 - Some folders show garbled code, and some can't open

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