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Deutchi Data Recovery:

Recovering data is always possible if the problem is not serious and understand what is the problem involved by data recovery specialists. For this cases, over 85% success rate we reached.
Recovering deleted files or formatted hard drives are always possible. Even if your computer can not recongnize the drives or the BIOS can not detect the disks, just replace and assembly by the parts, you still have great chance to get back data. Unfortunately scratched disks of it, your data maybe unrecoverable.
Files(Data), hardware or system recovery are a remedy for the common cases. It is never a precaution or backup solution. Therefore, in some special cases, such as data overwritten, low -level format write zero or scratched disks, these errors are really hard to repair.


Useful information/software:

SeaTools is a computer hard disk analysis software developed and released by Seagate Technology. It exists as a version for DOS (bundled in a bootable medium with FreeDOS) and Microsoft Windows.

-HK Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre (HKCERT)
It is the centre for coordination of computer security incident response for local enterprises and Internet Users. Its missions are to facilitate information disseminating, provide advices on preventive measures against security threats and to promote information security awareness.。

-Caritas Computer Workshop
To reduce the quantity of waste computers and computer accessories disposed of at landfills, Caritas Computer Workshop lauched a recycling program for reused, recycled and data destruction.

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