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The 8 fact checks:

1、No proven that high capacity hard dives performance is better than low capacity.,unless big files size storage, e.g video; low capacity drives are more suitable for document and photo.
2、 Choosing high performance storage isn't just about RPM. for Windows OS/ program,7200RPM is better performance than 5400RPM;however,for data storage(e.g. backup once per month only),5400RPM is more reasonable and in quiet environment.
3、Preserve your hard drives in dry and non electromagnetic disturbance in idle state(power off conditions).
4、If hard drives are not recognizing, or the BIOS not detecting the disks at all, replace a cable or computer and try again, but NEVER open the hard drives in any circumstances.
5、Setup antivirus/trojan program, scan and update regularly.
6、Cloud backup is not 100% safe, backup yourself please.
7、 Raid array is never a backup solution.
8、 Sometimes hard drives failure causes no signs or symptoms.



Once your drives don't work or detect, please try the following procedures:

- Check out the drives cover or case whether damaged or not.
- Replaces a cable(SATA/SCSI/USB) or power supply cord.
- Using an external case for drives connection.
- Drives connect with other computer.

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