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Symptom of hard drives failure:

1、Hard disk connection or setting error
Bad connection of data or power cables, which causes hard disk was unable to work properly.
2、Hard drives power supply fault
Problems in power supply or the printed circuit board(PCB) ,which leads to work improperly. Hard drives power breaks down,undetected,platters not rotate andmotor heads failure etc.
3、Data/power connector faults
Connectors links up with hard drives and computer,if it is in failed state,hard drives not found, garbled codes,parameter mistakes may occur.Its normally as unexpected ways which malfunction at crystal oscillator or numerous connections.
4、Motor controller chip malfunction
The platters are not functional by the platter motor controller chip is not work properly.
5、Microprocessor chip malfunction
The heart of the hard drive,for high performance or high speed hard drives might cause overheating of the chip. Around 70% PCB crash which caused by chip damage.
6、Bad sectors
It is the platters where data is write and read from. Improper computer shutdown can cause errors to the files system or bad sectors, then your files become corrupt and make your important data inaccessible.
7、MBR damage
The Master Boot Record (MBR) will be created when you create the first partition on the hard disk. This error happens due to virus or bad sectors etc, then MBR has been modified, the warning message "lnvalid partiton tabel" found.
8、Virus attack
Attacked by "hackers", systems locked or all files corrupted.
9、Lost by the MBR
MBR are damage or not working which suffer from virus attack or other reasons.
10、Parts failure
Controller, motor heads or latter spacers are not start to work with.